Coconut Soap
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Coconut Soap

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Is your baby suffering from cradle cap? Did you know that coconut oil is highly effective in eliminating this condition?

My 3-month-old son got cradle cap like my twins did 5 years ago. I tried different remedies and eventually got rid of it. Now, I make my own soap.

What is cradle cap? Cradle cap is white or yellow crusty skin that babies get on their heads. Toddlers, children, and even adults can have cradle cap, but it isn’t as noticeable because it is covered by their hair. Most of the time cradle cap is harmless and will resolve by itself within 3 months. In severe cases, you may need to see a doctor for cradle cap. The exact cause is unknown.

Coconut oil is amazing for removing cradle cap and has many benefits such as vitamin E, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antioxidants. It also adds moisture, soothes, and fights aging. Our pure coconut soap is made with coconut oil and leaves skin and hair soft. After using it, I noticed a clear improvement in my baby's condition. It was even confirmed by the pediatrician during a check-up.

100% organic coconut oil is the only ingredient in our handcrafted coconut soap, free of dyes, parabens, harsh chemicals, sulfates, and detergents.