About Us

Why we developed CVA products…

I am a mother of four children, twins - a wonderful boy, and a beautiful daughter and another two sons.  Both the twins suffered from eczema from the day that they were born. We had tried lots of different prescriptions, creams, skin products, and nothing seemed to work…that is until we came across goat milk products.

We decided to develop and make our own soaps, lotions, and shampoos to help with the twin’s skin that were all made from goat’s milk. 

Our products are specifically created to help with sensitive skin. We use high-quality materials to make the products, not only to help our daughter to control her eczema from flaring up, but also to help our son to get rid of his cradle cap.  Even our dog gets relief from having skin allergies throughout the year.

Today, all the products that we use at home, such as soy candles, soaps, bath bombs, shampoos, lotion bars, and laundry detergent (just to name a few) are handmade by us and driven by the need for soothing of sensitive skin and the relieving of allergic reactions.

We knew that other parents were struggling with the same issues we were and that’s how the idea for CVA Products was born in 2021. We wanted to be able to share these great handmade natural products with those who would benefit from them the most. We named the business after our children, Charlotte, Vincent, Alexander.